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6060 Hydraulic Mining Shovel

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The Next Generation Cat® 6060 Hydraulic Mining Shovel combines everything you love about the 6060 with everything you demand from Caterpillar to deliver a shovel that not only produces, but works harder and lasts longer.

With its rated payload of 61 tonnes (67 tons), the 6060 is tailor-made for mines using 227 tonne (250 ton) haul trucks, providing an efficient 4-pass solution to meet production capacity in these environments. Today's 6060 remains the ideal shovel for these applications, with improvements and enhancements in durability and reliability to deliver the uptime you demand. The result is higher productivity and lower overall owning and operating costs.

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Foto del 6060 Hydraulic Mining Shovel
Engine Output - SAE J19953023HP2256kW
Bucket Payload67ton (US)61t
Operating Weight660ton (US)599t
NoteSpecifications shown above apply to Face Shovel configuration. Backhoe and Frontless configurations are also available.
Engine Model2 x Cat 3512E
Rated Speed1,800 min-1 (1,800 rpm)
Gross Power - SAE J19953023HP2256kW
Net Power - SAE J13492977HP2221kW
Net Power - ISO 92492995HP2235kW
EmissionsOptimized for fuel consumption.
Gross Power - SAE J19953023HP2256kW
Net Power - SAE J13492967HP2214kW
Net Power - ISO 92492986HP2228kW
System Voltage24 V
EmissionsMeets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission requirements. These engines participate in the U.S. EPA averaging, banking, and trading provisions.
Batteries in Series/Parallel Installation6 x 210 Ah; 12 V each; 630 Ah 24 V in total
Number of Cylinders - Each Engine12
Components (1)6 maintenance-free batteries
Components (2)Lockable battery isolator switch
Components (3)Lockable starter isolator switch
Components (4)13 LED high-brightness working flood lights
AspirationTurbocharged and charge air-cooled
Components (5)16 LED service lights
Components (1)Non-DEF Aftertreatment system with Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs)
Components (6)2 electric horns (1 cab module; 1 oil cooler module)
Components (2)High-capacity water separator
Components (3)Two-stage fuel filter with series filtration
Components (4)Heavy-duty air filters
6060 FS - Standard Track Pads4.58ft1400mm
Components (5)Microprocessed engine management
6060 FS - Operating Weight1320110lb598800kg
Components (6)Hydraulically driven radiator fan with electronically controlled fan speed
6060 FS - Ground Pressure26.6 N/cm2 (38.5 psi)
Components (7)Exhaust manifold and turbo heat shields
Backhoe - Standard Track Tads4.58ft1400mm
Backhoe - Operating Weight1323860lb600500kg
Backhoe - Ground Pressure26.7 N/cm2 (38.7 psi)
NoteOperating weights include: base machine, front attachment, standard track pads, standard rock bucket, 100% fuel and lubricants.
Fuel Tank3136gal (US)11870l
Hydraulic Tank1876gal (US)7100l
Hydraulic System - Including Tank2483gal (US)9400l
Engine Oil86.6gal (US)328l
Cooling System211.4gal (US)800l
Swing Drive42.4gal (US)160l
Grease Tank188gal (US)710l
Main Pumps - Diesel Version8 variable swash plate pumps
Main Pumps - Maximum Oil Flow - Diesel Version8 x 650 L/min (8 x 172 gal/min)
Maximum Pressure - Attachment4640psi320bar
Maximum Pressure - Travel5220psi360bar
Swing Pumps - Diesel Version4 reversible swash plate pumps
Swing Pumps - Maximum Oil Flow - Diesel Version4 x 352 L/min (4 x 93 gal/min)
Maximum Pressure - Swing Pumps5075psi350bar
Oil Flow of Cooling Pumps4 x 488 L/min (4 x 129 gal/min)
Components4 cooling fans
Diameter - Fan46in1170mm
Features (1)Cooling system fully independent of all main circuits, i.e. controlled cooling capacity is available whenever engine is running
Features (2)Fan speed and flow of oil to the coolers are thermostatically controlled
Features (3)Extremely high cooling efficiency to ensure optimum oil temperature
Features (4)Gear-type cooling pumps supplying high-volume, low-pressure oil to fans and aluminum coolers
Swing Drive4 compact planetary transmissions with axial piston motors
Parking BrakesWet multiple disc brake, spring loaded/hydraulically released
Maximum Swing Speed3.8r/min3.8r/min
Swing RingTriple-race roller bearing with sealed internal gearing
Features (1)Dirt wipers at swing ring to prevent build-up of debris between swing ring and carbody
Features (2)Closed-loop swing circuit with torque control
Features (3)Hydraulic braking of the swing motion by counteracting control
Features (4)All raceways and the internal gearing of swing ring, supplied by automatic central lubrication system
Travel Speed - 1st Stage - Maximum0.68mile/h1.1km/h
Travel Speed - 2nd Stage - Maximum0.99mile/h1.6km/h
Maximum Tractive Force661160lb2942kN
Gradeability - Travel Drives - Maximum39%39%
Track Pads - Each Side42
Bottom Rollers - Each Side7
Support Rollers - Each Side2 plus a skid plate in between
Travel Drives - Each Side1 planetary transmission with 2 two-stage axial piston motors
Components (1)HD tracks with cast double-grouser track pad
Components (2)HD fixed axle rollers and idlers
Components (3)Hardened running surfaces of sprockets, idlers, rollers, pad links, and teeth contact areas
Components (4)Acoustic travel alarm (forward and reverse)
Components (5)Fully hydraulic, self-adjusting track tensioning system with piston accumulator
Components (6)Automatic hydraulic retarder valve to prevent over-speed on downhill travel
Operator's Eye Level - Approximately24.91ft7.6m
Internal Dimensions of Cab - Length7.33ft2230mm
Internal Dimensions of Cab - Width5.33ft1625mm
Internal Dimensions of Cab - Height6.75ft2070mm
Components (1)Single hydraulically driven HVAC System, with dual system option
Components (2)In-floor window with removable grate
Components (3)Pneumatically cushioned and multi-adjustable comfort seat with heating, cooling, and lumbar support
Components (4)Independently adjustable seat consoles with integrated joysticks
Components (5)Operator Protective Guard (Top Guard) (ISO 10262:1998)
Components (6)Elevated full-size trainer seat with safety belt and laptop desk
Components (7)Additional fold-away auxiliary seat with safety belt
Components (8)Operator Presence switch
Components (9)Monitoring system with 254 mm (10 in) touch screen
Components (10)Powered 45 degree access stairway
Components (11)Emergency egress ladder
Components (12)FM/AM radio with USB and AUX input
Components (13)Roller blinds on 3 front windows
Components (14)3 cup holders
Components (15)Cat Electronic Technician service port
Capacity - Grease Container188gal (US)710l
Type (1)Dual-circuit system with hydraulically driven heavy-duty pumps and electronic time relay control to adjust the pause/lube times
Type (2)System failures displayed by monitoring system
Type (3)Grease filters (200 ?m) between service station and container as well as directly behind grease pump
Type (4)Main lube system connections include: pivot points of attachment, bucket and cylinders, raceways of swing roller bearing, and 2 greasing pinions for the internal gearing of swing ring
Shovel attachment with unique TriPower kinematics ensuring the following main features: (1)Automatic roll-back limiter to prevent material spillage; Kinematic assistance to hydraulic forces
Shovel attachment with unique TriPower kinematics ensuring the following main features: (2)Horizontal Automatic constant-angle bucket guidance; Vertical Automatic constant-angle bucket guidance
Shovel attachment with unique TriPower kinematics ensuring the following main features: (3)Constant boom momentum throughout the entire lift arc; Crowd force assistance
All buckets (FS and BH) are equipped with a wear package consisting of: (1)Special liner material covering main wear areas inside and outside of bucket and lip shrouds between teeth
All buckets (FS and BH) are equipped with a wear package consisting of: (2)Wing shrouds on side walls and heel shrouds at bottom edges
Type (1)Catwalks with rails at booms (FS and BH)
Type (2)Guards for shovel cylinders (FS)
Type (3)Pressure-free lowering of boom (FS and BH) and stick (FS) by means of a float valve
Type (4)Service access holes from both sides in boom in booms (FS and BH) and stick (FS)
Type (5)Welding procedures allow for internal counter-welding (double prep weld) wherever possible
Maximum Crowd Force494410lb2200kN
Type (6)Booms and sticks are stress-relieved after welding
Maximum Breakout Force388780lb1730kN
Type (7)Booms and sticks are torsion-resistant, welded box design of high-tensile steel with massive steel castings at pivot areas
Maximum Digging Height51.17ft15.6m
Type (8)Special wear packages for highly abrasive materials available upon request
Maximum Digging Reach54.17ft16.5m
Maximum Digging Depth9.17ft2.8m
Face Shovel (heaped 2:1)44.5yd?34m?
Stick Digging Force - ISO295740lb1316kN
Bucket Digging Force - ISO274840lb1223kN
Maximum Digging Height52.83ft16.1m
Maximum Digging Reach62.33ft19m
Maximum Digging Depth29.17ft8.9m
Backhoe (heaped 1:1)44.5yd?34m?
InstallationRetractable service station installed underneath the engine module and easily accessible from ground.
Equipped With (1)Quick couplings for: Diesel fuel, Engine coolant - left/righ engine, Pump transmission gear oil - left/right engine, Engine oil - left/righ engine, Hydraulic oil tank, and grease container
Equipped With (2)Cat jump-start socket
Equipped With (3)Indicator lights

Equipamiento Opcional


  • Custom paint


  • Oil change interval extension for engine oil up to 500 hours, with optional extension to 1,000 hours
  • Rectangular grease container, 710 L (188 gal), filled via service station
  • Various cold-weather options for temperatures below -10°; 400 V, 50 Hz and 208 V, 60 Hz


  • Dual hydraulically driven HVAC system for redundancy
  • Cab heating
  • Camera monitoring system with two cameras, two lights, and additional display


  • Track pad width 1400 mm (4 ft 7 in)
  • Belly plate for undercarriage protection
  • Additional optional equipment available on request.