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Product support

Finanzauto has been awarded the highest available award from Caterpillar, Service Training Excellence. This is in recognition for our training centre, the courses run there and for our highly qualified and skilled workforce.

We strongly believe that people are our most important asset so we pay special attention to the training of all our employees and the development of long term career plans.

Finanzauto is committed to staff training and education.

The main purpose of our training Center is to provide training to both our employees and Cat/Mak engine end users.  This will eventually mean higher productivity and profitability for our customers.

The technical specialization demanded by the marine market requires highly skilled technicians and engineers. Our marine inspectors are highly specialized and experienced in the marine market. They work in close contact with our customers to provide them with technical and commercial assistance whenever they may need it, thus significantly contributing to maximize the profitability of their float.

Product support